The Beauty of Kingdom Mosaic

We present you the smallest TILLA mosaic in the market ; the effect and the character of which is beyond your Kingdom. Our individual mosaic size range from 1.5 x 1.5 mm to 7 x 7 mm compared to 10 x10mm of our competitors .

We use extra clear glass to produce our TILLA mosaic with diamond-cut technique , not glass paste. This means that the reflection and optical properties of our products are much higher compared to all competitors .

We have no limitations with regards to colors or motif reproduction due to the nature of our mosaic. With its 17 nanolayers of infinitesimal thickness, TILLA is compact, refined, smart and lightweight. A superior product, offering virtually unlimited durability.

We can produce pre-designed images or specify the image as our special artist range.

We can apply our product on all smooth surfaces like walls , floors or even on fabric, leather etc. The finished product can be used on wall panels , swimming pools, wash rooms, feature walls or any furniture surface .

The high technology of the production is seen where the mosaic is produced from 3 layers & the color is perfectly protected by the backing layer ( backlighted panel ). Thus the beauty of the mosaic will not be affected by to application on different materials.




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